If you’re suitable for vision correction, which type will benefit you most?

A lot of people don’t know about the different types of vision correction surgery that exist or if they’re a candidate for a procedure.

Laser vision correction surgery is a safe and effective way to restore your vision. Still, some people are hesitant to undergo the procedure because they don’t know their options and are unsure if they’re a candidate. This can cause them to delay treatment unnecessarily despite the answers being so easily within their reach.

Our team of experts is here to help you understand your options. In this blog post, we’ll explore the five main types of vision correction surgery so you can make an informed decision about which procedure might be right for you.

1. LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is the most popular type of laser eye surgery. The procedure involves using a laser to reshape the cornea of your eye. LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

2. SMILE Surgery

SMILE surgery is a minimally invasive type of laser eye surgery. We make a small incision in the side of the cornea and use a laser to correct vision. The benefits of this surgery include less pain, quicker recovery time, and fewer complications than traditional refractive surgery.

3. SmartsurfACE (TransPRK)

SmartsurfACE (TransPRK) is a touch-free laser eye treatment method and is an advanced form of PRK, LASIK’s predecessor. It’s a great alternative still used today for patients that do not qualify for LASIK or SMILE surgery.

4. PresbyMAX

PresbyMAX is a great solution for those struggling with declining near vision due to age. PresbyMAX is especially well suited for people with very busy and active lifestyles who often find having to use reading glasses inconvenient.

5. Lens replacement (RLE)

Refractive lens exchange is similar to cataract surgery where the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial implant. This gives patients access to premium intraocular lens (IOL) technology which can allow spectacle independence at all distances.

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Find out if you are suitable for vision correction

Not everyone is eligible for vision correction surgery.

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Our most popular procedures

  • SMILE Pro

  • SmartSurfACE (a form of PRK)
  • Lens replacement
  • Lifestyle cataract surgery

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“The best thing about the clinic are the people, Dr Aanchal Gupta was so helpful and reassuring through the process.”
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“Seamless and professional. I am extremely pleased with the results.”
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“Excellent service from the reception staff to theatre staff & Dr G…fabulous great aftercare… thank you! I would highly recommend.”
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