SMILE Pro vs. SMILE: Navigating Laser Vision Correction Options

If you’re considering laser vision correction to break free from glasses or contact lenses, you’ve likely encountered the SMILE procedure. Now, there’s an updated version—SMILE Pro. Curious about the differences between the two? Let’s dive in and dissect the distinctions to empower you in making an informed decision to correct your refractive errors.

Visual Recovery

Visual recovery is key when looking at treatment options for vision correction. Both procedures offer excellent visual recovery outcomes. However, SMILE Pro will take you back to your routine even faster (with a swift recovery time), enhancing the speed of your visual bounce-back.

Eye Drop and Post-Operative Care

Eye drops are part and parcel of the post-operative healing process for both SMILE, and SMILE Pro procedure. Both procedures will have you using eye drops for a while, but SMILE Pro usually needs fewer doses. Less fumbling with bottles means you get more chill time.

Minimally Invasive Laser Technology

Both procedures use the cutting-edge VisuMax 800, a minimally invasive laser, to work their magic. The laser creates a lenticule—a small piece—within the layers of the cornea that gets removed through a process called small incision lenticule extraction.

Return to Work

Need to get back to your day job ASAP? Both laser treatments allow for a speedy return to work, but SMILE Pro might let you punch back in even quicker, thanks to its fast visual recovery.

Risk of Dry Eye

Let’s be real, dry eyes suck. Both procedures have a lower risk of dry eye compared to other options. They’re gentle on your corneal tissue, which is ace for keeping your eyes moist.

To know if you’re suitable for either procedure, or any other laser eye surgery, you’ll need to book a free assessment with us. In the meantime, find out which procedure (if any) is right for you by taking our 1-minute self-test.

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“Excellent service from the reception staff to theatre staff & Dr G…fabulous great aftercare… thank you! I would highly recommend.”
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