Who should have lens replacement?

Are you fed up constantly adjusting your glasses or wrestling with contact lenses? As you age, your vision changes and glasses or bifocals may be required. This can be frustrating and hinder your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Lens replacement can provide a solution for a more dynamic and satisfying lifestyle, free from vision limitations—picture reading, driving, and exploring without the burden of glasses or contacts. The advanced technology in lens replacement surgery can correct multiple vision problems, resulting in crisp, natural vision.

While many people are intrigued by lens replacement, they may not know if it is the right choice for them. They may not be familiar with the benefits or potential drawbacks. Deciding on something as important as your eyes can be daunting. It is critical to choose the best option for yourself.

Lens replacement offers several advantages over laser eye surgery, especially in terms of the permanence of the effect. This means that you may no longer need reading glasses for most tasks and will never develop cataracts.

The only way to find out if lens replacement is right for you is to book a free assessment, but in the meantime, you can get a hint about your suitability with our 1-minute self-test.

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Find out if you are suitable for vision correction

Not everyone is eligible for vision correction surgery.

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What our patients say…

“The best thing about the clinic are the people, Dr Aanchal Gupta was so helpful and reassuring through the process.”
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“Seamless and professional. I am extremely pleased with the results.”
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“Excellent service from the reception staff to theatre staff & Dr G…fabulous great aftercare… thank you! I would highly recommend.”
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We have replaced the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

Discover if you can be free from glasses and contact lenses

The best way to find out if laser eye treatment is right for you is to have a free assessment. We’ll examine your eyes and you’ll get a clear answer from our experts on your suitability and laser vision correction options.